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Eco Tours Departing Monteverde & Santa Elena, Costa Rica

Monteverde is one of the most ideal places to take a breather and enjoy nature's best. Hiking through its abundant cloud forest and spotting natural wildlife along the way make it the greatest chance to get intimate with nature. Pick any one of our Monteverde Nature & Eco Tours and we can guarantee your cloud forest experience will be a memorable one.

There are a number of eco tours that backpackers can choose to experience on their vacation in Monteverde. One of our top pics is the Monteverde Hanging Bridges Tour which is one of the regions first systems of suspension bridges. This 2 mile trail through the Monteverde cloud forest reserve that allows people to get up close and personal with the wildlife in the canopy with their feet planted firmly on the ground.

Gentle hikes, hanging bridges, aerial trams; choose your favorite Monteverde Eco Tour and start exploring Costa Rica's cloud forest today! Tour Deals!

Nature and Eco Tours

Monteverde Zipline + Cloud Forest Night Hike

Monteverde Zipline + Cloud Forest Night Hike

Things get a little wilder in the jungle after dark. And we have a unique way to explore it for you. Combine a guided night hike in the cloud forest with zipping through the cloud forest canopy in the darkness of night and you have one super feast for the senses. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Night Hike + Zip Line adventure is a thrilling way to explore the nocturnal world of Costa Rica.


Retail: $28.00

The Real Deal: $25.00

Adult (National):

Retail: $21.00

The Real Deal: $19.00

Monteverde Hanging Bridges Tour

Monteverde Hanging Bridges Tour

Costa Rica’s cloud forest is really unique. So, it should be explored in a unique way as well. What better way to experience it than suspended high up in the canopy from circuit of suspension bridges spanning over 2 miles in the treetops. The Monteverde hanging bridges tour is truly unique as it has a mix of both cloud forest and rain forest that Costa Rica is so famous for. This is by far one of the best eco tours in Monteverde for the whole family.


Retail: $40.00

The Real Deal: $40.00

Child (5-14):

Retail: $34.00

The Real Deal: $30.00

Monteverde Sky Tram and Sky Walk Hanging Bridges

Monteverde Sky Tram and Sky Walk Hanging Bridges

Our day starts on the Monteverde Sky Tram where we will ascend up to an elevation of 5250' in our open air gondolas giving you the chance to pause and learn about the flora and fauna of Monteverde's cloud forest before zipping back down to our operations base.


Retail: $84.00

The Real Deal: $77.00


Retail: $61.00

The Real Deal: $59.00

The Bat Jungle Tour

The Bat Jungle Tour

Of all the things to do in Monteverde, the Monteverde Bat Jungle is a world class bat exhibit that should not be missed when visiting Costa Rica’s cloud forest region. It is the culmination of 40 years of worldwide research by Dr. Richard Laval, a long-time member and outstanding citizen of the Monteverde community.


Retail: $15.00

The Real Deal: $15.00




Finca Modelo, Monteverde Night Walk

Night Hike

Experience an entirely different aspect of the Monteverde Cloud Forest once the sun goes down! Our Finca Modelo Night Walk Tour allows you to enjoy Costa Rica nature at night! Better yet, catch a birds eye view from the platforms of our 40 meter (131 ft) tall Ficus tree!



The Real Deal: $45.00




Finca Modelo Waterfall Hike in Costa Rica's Cloud Forest

Finca Modelo Waterfall Hike in Costa Rica's Cloud Forest

Avoid the crowds and immerse yourself in nature in the Monteverde cloud forest on a private reserve at the Finca Modelo. Three different trails take you to waterfalls, rivers, and even a tarzan swing into the river to refresh yourself. All on your own. Just gear up, grab a map, and start seeking out wildlife and waterfalls on this amazing eco tour in Monteverde.



The Real Deal: $10.00




Cloud Forest Horseback Riding Monteverde, Costa Rica

Monteverde Cloudforest Horseback Ride

One of our favorite Monteverde eco tours is probably cloud forest horseback riding. Seriously, there is no better way to explore nature than on the back of a trusty equestrian friend. And best of all, the views from the vantage point high up in the saddle are spectacular.


Retail: $40.00

The Real Deal: $38.00




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