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Scuba Diving Trips From Playa del Coco

Costa Rica is becoming a world-class scuba diving destination. Massive schools of fish, an amazing array of marine life and an ideal water temperature throughout the year has made scuba diving conditions in Costa Rica near perfect and Guanacaste one of the most popular diving destinations in Costa Rica. Join one of our Papagayo Scuba Diving Trips and let us show you why.

Local scuba diving in Playa del Coco offers great dive sites such as Monkey's Head, Meros, Punta Argentina and Punta Gorda where you can expect to find manta rays, sea turtles and a variety of large schools of tropical fish. A boat dive to Isla Murcielagos, or Bat Island in English can put you face to face with a huge Bull Shark! And we may be a bit partial, but our favorite dive in Playa del Coco is the small archipelago of the Isla Catalinas.

So, it is not the clear warm waters of the Caribbean, but the cool murky waters you encounter scuba diving Isla Catalinas off the coast of Guanacaste are actually the key to some of the most incredible diving experiences in the world. Murky water = lots of plankton = lots of food = GIANT MANTAS! Small sacrifice for such an incredible undersea encounter. You'll get the opportunity to see giant manta rays, swimming alongside brightly colored tropical fish and white tip sharks. In other words, scuba diving Catalina Islands = INCREDIBLE!!

Join a local scuba dive from Playa del Coco, take a boat dive to Catalina or Bat Islands, obtain your SCUBA certification or maybe just dip your toe in with the Discover SCUBA Course. Whatever you want to do, however deep you want to go, we've got you covered with our Playa del Coco scuba diving in Papagayo!

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