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Surfing & Watersports in Jaco, Herradura, Los Sueños & Hermosa Beach

Costa Rica has an abundance of great surf breaks and stunning beaches, making it a highly desired destination for surfers worldwide. Topping the list for many is surfing Jaco Beach. Compared to some of the neighboring regions, Jaco Beach is an extremely surfer friendly town where beginners and experienced surfers alike can all enjoy the consistent surf in Jaco all year round.

The consistent surf also means other watersports in Jaco such as banana boats, parasailing and the like really do not work well from Jaco Beach. The proximity to San Jose brings crowds to the popular Jaco surf spots during peak season and holidays, but great surf spots in Jaco can be found year-round throughout the coast all the way up to Hermosa Beach. The poor roads keep some breaks around Jaco free of the masses, and our bilingual guides will help you to find the perfect wave maximize your Jaco surf experience.

Jaco wave rides usually last from about 200-400 meters, but sometimes they can last for up to 600 meters! That's right, Jaco has the second longest waves in Costa Rica! Excellent surf breaks, friendly locals and happening night spots; Jaco Beach is the perfect vacation destination for your surf trip in Costa Rica. So surfs up! Choose from the Jaco surf lessons and surf packages in Jaco available to you today!

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Group Surf Lessons

Group Surf Lessons

Jaco is very close to Hermosa and Playa Escondida, two breaks that consistently have excellent surf. It is one of the most bustling beach/surf towns in Costa, as there is actually something to do at night. There are several bars and Discos, and the restaurants always seem to have an old surf video in the DVD. It's a very surfer friendly town.


Retail: $50.00

The Real Deal: $45.00




Jaco Jet Ski Tour

Jaco Jet Ski Tour

Hop aboard your own Jet Ski in Jaco and explore the secluded beaches for Jaco and Herradura only accessible by boat or Jet Ski. The jet ski guides will take you to all the best beaches, provide you with snorkeling gear, fruits and refreshments and make sure you have a safe trip. Not to worry, they love to play too, so they will take you to the best place to enjoy stunts on the jet skis too!


Retail: $175.00

The Real Deal: $175.00




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Manuel Antonio Sea Kayak & Snorkel Tour From Jaco

Manuel Antonio Sea Kayak & Snorkel Tour From Jaco

Kayaking in Jaco is pretty great, but imagine the opportunity to kayak Manuel Antonio & Quepos Bay!! Head out of Jaco for the day and come explore the beaches of Manuel Antonio & Biesanz Beach. Transportation to Manuel Antonio from Jaco included, or save money and meet the tour there.

Los Suenos, Herradura, Jaco:

Retail: $109.00

The Real Deal: $97.00




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