Los Lagos SPA Services


(Los Lagos Resort Spa Arenal)

Los Lagos Spa offers a broad variety of services, combining the latest massage styles and wellness treatments tendencies using traditional typical goods.

All of the treatments provide exceptional guest service to our customers and sustainability for Costa Rica. While you are improving your health and relaxing, you are also contributing to the development of organic goods industry in this little town. Locally harvested plants are used in the manufacture of our spa products.

Professional therapists will help you choose from our different beauty treatments according to your personal requirements. Our goal is to be the highlight of your vacation, making you feel restored and revitalized.

Join us on this eco-friendly journey, and discover the benefits of true balance between body, mind and soul.

These services are very limited to space so we highly recommend booking well in advance.

Los Lagos Spa Services

Body Wraps

Body Wraps

If you´re looking for an all-over glow from head to toe, look no further than the Los Lagos Spa in Arenal! Body wraps are renowned for their ability to detoxify the body, smooth the skin, and provide that boost of hydration you´re looking for. Achieve maximum effect in just a short time with one of our amazing body wraps!



Every skin type comes with its own unique challenges, and a high quality facial is an age-old remedy for curing what ails it. Whether your skin is acne prone, too dry, too oily, sensitive, or a combination of these, nothing is as effective as a facial in bringing back the balance your skin craves.

Massage Services

Massage Services

For thousands of years massage has been used in civilizations all over the world, and evidence of its powerful restorative effects can be seen in Egyptian hieroglyphics, Chinese medicine scrolls, and even in ancient Roman and Greek artifacts.



When enjoying a well-deserved holiday in Costa Rica, sometimes it´s nice to take a break from all the tours, sightseeing, and movement, and to be pampered for a day. To relax ones cares away with a series of treatments designed to beautify, detoxify, soothe, and refresh. Our Los Lagos Spa packages offer everything from reflexology and massages to full body scrubs and wraps.



Proper exfoliation is necessary for a healthy and youthful glow, which doesn´t always come easy to some skin types, or can be lost during the aging process. Thankfully at the Los Lagos Resort Spa in Arenal we can help your skin shine like it was meant to in no time flat!

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